Photographer | Visual Story Teller
Filmmaker | All Around Nice Guy

George Segale | Photographer – Film maker – Editor

I’m great at two things and two things only. Photography and making sandwiches. If you need anything else, I’m not your guy. Ok maybe three things- I’m a pretty decent painter/sculptor too.

That said, It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, whether it be head shots, portraits, wedding photography, film making, painting, creating the most flavorfully satisfying sandwich, whatever it may be… I approach anything and everything I do with passion and excitement. Every wedding I photograph or film is a story that I get to tell. Most importantly, I am always having fun and I extend that vibe to my clients. My philosophy is simple, if you are having fun your images are going to look great. I hope you like laughing…

“It’s not what we do, it’s the way we do it.

With pride, with style and with results”

George Segale Sr.-

The Team

It would be impossible for me to do everything alone. Without these key people working along side of me, the studio would cease to exist.

Please meet some of the brightest and insanely talented people I’ve ever met and have the pleasure of working with. There is NEVER a dull moment!

Louie Papio [Studio Manger – Back end Genius] Photographer – Cinematographer

Rob Fitzgerald [Media Manager – All around problem solver] | Cinematographer – Editor

Frank Manning [Smoothest guy in town] Photographer – Editor

Christine Vance [That’s MS. Sassy Pants to you…] Photographer

Casey Kelly [Super talent with a smile that just won’t quit] Photographer – Cinematographer

Camera Kent [Would rather DIE then NOT get the shot] Photographer – Cinematographer

Teddy Palmones [Skillz for DAYS – Wears many designer accessories] Cinematographer

Kaitlyn Cioc [Can make ANYBODY smile] Assistant – Photo Apprentice