Photographer | Visual Story Teller
Filmmaker | All Around Nice Guy

I’m great at two things and two things only. Photography and making sandwiches. If you need anything else, I’m not your guy. Ok maybe three things- I’m a pretty decent painter/sculptor too.

That said, It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, whether it be head shots, portraits, wedding photography, film making, painting, creating the most flavorfully proportionate and satisfying sandwich masterpiece in the history of all cuisine, whatever it may be… I approach anything and everything I do with passion- but more importantly excitement. Every face that I see through my lens is beautiful. Every wedding I photograph or film is a story that I get to tell. Most importantly, I am always having fun and I extend that to my clients. Photography captures a split second in time. The split second that I’m capturing shows who you really are, not some posed face faking a teethy cheeser smile. That just ain’t me.

Whether I grab someone off the sidewalk outside my studio for an impromptu headshot, or celebrity weddings, its all the same to me. An adventure. I look forward to meeting you and hope you’ll stop in to visit me some time. We’ll have a drink and chat.