We've been in the business a long time. We spent over a decade building a monster wedding video production house that would endure upwards of 20 events a month in the busy seasons, with a total of about 125 productions per year. Although we had great success, after some time it felt like we were starting to lose touch with the reason why we began creating films in the first place. So, we made a major change. We reduced our number of clients to only a handful per month. We restructured our packages to be more customizable and and simplify the entire process for our clients.

We made great changes to get back to our roots and really work alongside our clients to creatively share their story.

We are a vey small core group of artists and enjoy sharing our passion for storytelling with others. We love to spend time with our clients both before, as well as after their event.  It really changes the dynamic of our work when we are working with people we know; by the day of the wedding, we are all friends.